Making payments in casino via Google pay in 2021

In recent years the amount of digital payment systems is growing increasingly and the developers are in a constant race of improving and boosting them as best as they can. Google pay is one of these successful and outstanding mobile payment systems. It has taken over the gambling world in the last few years and now has plenty of supporters. Android users are the target audience and 85% of them claim that it is the most user-friendly and the fastest payment way. 


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Obviously, such a prosperous company couldn’t leave IOS fans without its product, so you can easily download the Apple pay app in the Apple store. A lot of world casino sites catch the convenience of this payout system. While making deposits in online casino via Google pay we were astonished to see the accuracy and the speed of transactions. You don’t need to put in the number of your card or account – Google play opens immediately after clicking on this deposit variant.

This year Google pay has been set in India, which can only please you. Moreover, the system operates with bank security so that all your data is under strong control.

Our checklist for examining Google pay casinos.

Certainly, we analyze a lot and check every vital detail to make the most accurate review on a topic. There are a few steps which we did and recommend you to keep in mind. Maintaining them, you will pick up first-rate Google pay casinos.

  1. Casino detailed overlook.
    This is the first and the most sizable part of the overview as we try every option precisely, like checking the licence, trying to deposit different games by Google pay, examine bonuses, data protection level and wagering requirements conditions etc. Each point matters.
  2. Logging in.
    Before making any verdict, we register on different Google pay casino sites and examine the registration quickness and speed of the connection. It is the key point of casino evaluation.
  3. Classifying games, bonuses and deposing process.
    We need to see the real-time and speed of making deposits and the selection of games that provide suitable usage of Google pay. Transaction speed is also involved, and we require it to be instant (deposits are), otherwise, we detect the casino as a poor quality one.
  4. Validate or not.
    Based on the information we collected before, we make a verdict containing pros and cons and a detailed report on every crucial factor. We are responsible for efficient and qualified gambling and wish you feel comfortable in playing online casino via Google pay.

The reasons for Google pay casinos’ popularity?

Not for nothing, the Google pay system is used all around the world in more than 36 countries. As we have already mentioned, it is very suitable and fast. Diving in details we can figure out the reason for its popularity. We have identified that three ideas make Google pay casinos so attractive.

The first reason is the security level. When you pay by Google all the data is under the protection of Google company, not casino. For players, it means full safety in transactions within the casino.

The second case concerns absent fees. Google pay system is absolutely free and requires only downloading from Google play. Also, it needs no fees in casino transactions, everything for your comfort and pleasure. The last, but not the least reason point is the quickness. You will be surprised how fast it is in making deposits and managing not only in apps but in casinos sites too.

Google pay in the casino: positives and negatives

As you have already understood, playing an online casino via Google gives you a pile of benefits. However, to be trustworthy we should mention the top best sides and bad sides as well. Look at our accurate list of pluses and minuses — learn everything about Google pay casinos.


  • Absence of fees
  • Immediate deposits
  • Extremely strong protection level
  • Convenient for Android
  • Casinos will not have access to your banking data


  • Withdrawals by Google pay are unavailable
  • Quite enough casinos don’t allow using of Google pay

Therefore, Google pay is beneficial for users if they manage to find a casino accepting this kind of payment system.

Which types of bonuses are offered in Google pay casinos?

It goes without saying that a casino with Google pay will reward you with sparkling and generous bonuses. Get ready that a huge amount of bonuses is accessible as it’s profitable for casinos to treat you with rewards and encourage you to stay on-site in this way. The types of bonuses provided in Google pay casinos are a regular – welcome bonus, free spins and no deposit bonus. Let’s look more detailed on conditions.

The welcome bonus is acceptable immediately after making a deposit. A particular sum of money will turn up in your account. Some casinos boost this type of reward by adding free spins and make your stay on a site longer.

Free spins bonus was created for slots lovers and it is fitted to slot games. Basically, you can get it as a welcome bonus or as a kind of weekly promotion. Approximately 100 FS is a welcomed amount to gain in any casino. When the casino offers a new game, free spins can also be a reward.

No deposit bonus is usually given without any payment actions. The amount you can receive is up to INR 700. It doesn’t matter if you are a fresh player or an advanced one – you deserve to get that sum of money.

Take note, that the bonus system and wagering requirements differ from site to site, so don’t forget conditions and terms before playing.

Google pay casinos: TIPS

We prepared a piece of info about extremely useful points you should know about Google pay in casinos. Primarily, deposit and withdrawal issues. Any transactions can’t be performed without these two acts, so look at things you will face with:

  • The deposit limit stands for INR 800.000.
  • Some casinos may have lower amounts, you can clarify it in the contact centre.
  • No minimum deposit is required by Google pay, however, most casinos do.
  • Deposits are constant and fees-free.
  • You are supposed to connect G pay wallet with a casino site, so be afraid of it, the security level of Google pay is recognized worldwide.
  • Don’t forget that the withdrawal option is missing there. It doesn’t influence the rating for the excellence of the banking system. Now you see, to withdraw the money you will need to obtain other ways.
  • Conditions connected with the usage of Google pay may differ from country to country.

There were facts and tips you ought to maintain before using the G pay system. So, we have a desire to give you a piece of advice that can save you money and nerves as well: never use simple PIN codes and passwords when you play casino. Extra security is also a great idea if you don’t want to suffer from frauds.

Specific points of playing online casino via Google pay.

We found no significant and huge specifics about G pay wallets in casinos.
Although, you really should be prepared and don’t be surprised that now a lot of casinos don’t allow Google pay to use on their sites. Also, remember that only Android users can download an app, for IOS it is a modified program – Apple pay.

In general, if you managed to find a casino that submits Google pay, you will never regret using it.


1. Is Google pay possible to use in India?

Yes, you can send money to India as well as download app within the country.

2. Is it acceptable to use Google pay in online gambling?

Definitely! Not every casino has allowed it yet, but the possibility to find Google pay casino and try is huge.

3. Are there any extra charges for making deposits by Google pay?

Of course, no. Feel free about it because Google pay takes no extra fees for transactions.

So, what is the verdict?

Google pay is quite a young payment system in the gambling world, in India especially. Obviously, not all gambling sites have already accepted it as it takes some time. However, those casinos where you can pay by Google pay are golden as it is all about convenience, high-security level and quickness. Moreover, the presence of this particular payment method is evidence that casinos are high-top and provide you with the best gambling facilities.