About Mastercard casinos over the world and India too.

More and more sites are coming up with the idea to adopt a Mastercard payment system on their sites. At present, over 20.000 banks and financial organizations work together with Mastercard. For users and customers the list of benefits starts with the opportunity to get a debit and credit card as well and finishes with the availability of using this card in any corner of the globe. We are sure that eight out of ten people have Mastercard in their wallets, therefore you understand the level of its reputation. The gambling world is in a close relationship with this kind of banking method. It is absolutely open to 90%of casino sites and takes a few minutes to make a deposit or withdraw money. Using online Mastercard casinos is a specific mode of pleasure as all processes are quick and simple. Moreover, it accepts 210 countries all over the world including India, so be sure you can easily try playing an online casino that takes the Mastercard payout method.


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We examined precisely all necessary info about convenience, benefits and drawbacks, rapidity, bonus system and other important points of the Mastercard payment option in the casino world. Check it out below!

How we evaluate and consider which Mastercard casino worths attention

It is highly important for us to check everything on the casino site before we release the overlook on it. Therefore, we have a concrete plan following which we rate the banking system in different casinos. So, how do we conduct the research?

  1. Safety assessment. First of all, we test the legality. Each payment option should be confirmed by the law and respond to all gambling standards concerning payments and security.
  2. The speed of connections and quality of contact centre. The next step is checking the accessibility of the payment method and how comfortable it is to get into a bank account through the casino. Also, we appreciate and take a look at customer support, quickness and helpfulness.
  3. Withdraw money. The last step is playing games and cashing out the money we gain. We observe the way which players are going to walk through to get their money after winnings. Time is taken to process and any extra charges are also taken into consideration.

Why are MasterCard casinos popular?

Payment instruments are a non-separable part of the gambling industry. Almost all top and middle rated online casinos cooperate with Mastercard. If you are the owner of Mastercard credit or debit cards, be sure that to make a deposit and to withdraw money is a piece of cake. Not without reason, people prefer that kind of payment system. While investigating Mastercard as a payout form we understand why casino players adore using this particular method and listed out three main benefits:

  • Mastercard is a worldwide brand, nine out of ten casinos in India and the entire world will accept this payment type. It means you shouldn’t worry about currency or withdrawal time, all you need is the number of your credit card.
  • The Mastercard transaction limit everyone is opened to get is INR 370.000. Big gamblers couldn’t miss such a chance to play big and use only Mastercard. Also, it makes a huge difference from regular e-wallets, one more reason for Mastercard popularity.
  • To make any transaction you need to connect the account with the casino site and nothing else. It takes up to 2 minutes to make a deposit or withdraw funds. For gamblers, the appliance of payment mode means a lot. Therefore, Mastercard reached its reputation by introducing light and smooth usage.

As you see, many reasons create a flawless reputation for Mastercard. Any online casino with Mastercard will be exactly on top-hot charts, so join its users and learn how good the Mastercard is.

Pros and cons of online Mastercard casino?

Undoubtedly, an online casino that takes Mastercard is the most frequently used. There are a bunch of reasons why gamblers play with that type of payout method. Now, let’s look at the pros and cons list of online Mastercard casinos!


  1. Give an opportunity to play with big money.
  2. Available in all casinos
  3. Excellent security and safety level
  4. Fee-free transaction system for everyone
  5. Easy to obtain and use


  1. Withdrawing can be tricky. Not all casinos provide that option.
  2. If you actually can withdraw money, the process may take 4-5 days. It depends on the casino.

We see that pros overbalance cons. Generally, online Mastercard casinos are worth your attention and reliance.

Mastercard casinos bonuses

We approach the most favourable part of all gamblers – the list of bonuses accepted. It is obvious that such a trustworthy payment system as Mastercard sets good bonuses for its users. In this way, Mastercard casinos attract gambling players to the site and boost the traffic. It’s beneficial for both casino and gamblers as each meets the need. So, which sorts of bonuses can we find in an online casino that reward Mastercard:

  • Free spins. One of the preferred kind of bonuses, because usually casinos are generous with them. Also, you can win money, but withdraw them only if wagering requirements allow this option.
  • Welcome bonus. The amount of it varies from site to site, but on average – 100% deposit bonus is guaranteed. With instant deposits, which Mastercard provides its users, you will get a reward in a few seconds after the transaction.
  • No deposit bonus. The sweetest, but scarcely ever given. You can get it in two ways: new games or casino celebrations like New Year. To know more – check the terms and conditions of the casino site.

Bonus types are a highly important part of any casino as it shows how executives take care about users of the site. It certainly satisfied players with some expectations and made them stay on the site a bit longer. Online Mastercard casinos will fulfil you with bonuses.

Mastercard casinos tips for depositing

There are no complicated points to use Mastercard casinos. All you need to do are a few steps toward depositing and the first connection. Customers know that all their data is under strong control and easily start gambling with Mastercard. So, what should you do?

  • Get a Mastercard card. There are three options which include Mastercard debit casino card, credit and prepay one. Turn to the bank and get the card that suits you best.
  • Sign up in the casino you would like to play in. It takes not more than one minute.
  • Click the cashier and choose Mastercard. You will see a few deposit variants, be ready to recognise Mastercard by the logo.
  • Get ready to deposit the amount from INR 730 to INR 750.000 (it depends on the casino). Processing takes 1-2 minutes.
  • Play favourite games and be patient about your funds. They will immediately appear on your account.

It’s simple enough to start playing even if you use a casino prepaid Mastercard way or credit one. Everything for your comfort and pleasure!

Specific points of Mastercard casinos in 2021

Although the security level of Mastercard casinos is really high, we want to give you some advice you ought to follow. Nobody’s cancelled self-protection measures, especially if you deal with casinos and bankings. It doesn’t matter if you have a Mastercard debit casino card, credit or prepaid – come up with a hard password and PIN code. It is a “must-do” action before you start gambling and use a card. This simple thing can protect you from scams and frauds. One more specific feature is a limit to a 24 hours time frame. Don’t forget that you work with the financial institution and some bounds on the money you transfer are set. Therefore, you can’t deposit as much money as you want, check the terms and conditions of your card. The next thing we want to highlight is an offshore fee. Yes, Mastercard is indeed a fee-free payment system, but if you payout offshore, the international transaction fee will be charged.

The last, but not the least specific point is that every online casino that reward for Mastercard is different in terms and conditions. So, be sure you read them and understand the site’s policy.


1. Are Mastercard casinos free in India?

Yes, almost all casino sites accept the Mastercard system legally and without charges.

2. Is it acceptable to withdraw money by Mastercard?

Yes, but not in all casinos. The biggest part of them provides you only with a deposit option.

3. Can I trust an online casino that takes Mastercard?

Since Mastercard has become a worldwide brand and millions of people use it in everyday life, we can exactly trust its data security and protection.

4. Which type of card should I use in casinos which allow Mastercard?

You are supposed to use any type of card in the casino: prepaid Mastercard, credit or debit.

5. Are there any fees for transactions?

In most cases - no, unless you want to pay offshore or a casino site requires some withdrawal charges.


Digital payment ways change our life rapidly and irreversibly. It wasn’t a surprise that credit cards and e-wallets reached the gambling world too. Mastercard is the most popular payment provider in the world and brand no.1 in money transfers. The convenience of it can be evaluated by a number of users and casinos which provide the Mastercard option – more than 300.000 sites. Customers and gambling players are thrilled about the speed of transactions, user-friendly interface and strong security. Moreover, sparkling bonuses are opened to everyone, who deposits by Mastercard. We highly advise you to become a member of the Mastercard family and enjoy all benefits it provides you with.