Introduction to bank transfer casinos

Casino bank transfer payment method, or so-called wire transfer, is one of the most popular among gamblers. It works pretty easily – money from the player’s account goes directly to the casino’s account, including the exchange of account details. Banks’ protection and responsibility make it secure and safe to transfer funds this way.

Convenience in usage and reliability makes wire transfer a prevalent payment method. Moreover, it doesn’t require any special accounts or modern technology to make any kind of transaction you need.

The other important feature of the bank transfer casino method is its accessibility. This option is available in a wide range of countries, including India. So, any player can deposit or withdraw, facing no problems.


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Casino prepaid bank transfer reputation

A lot of people might have a question about why bank transfer casinos are so popular. The answer is obvious – due to its enormous advantages. We will talk about them more detailed information further in the article, and now let’s generalize:

  • One of the strongest encryptions;
  • Convenient in usage;
  • Profitable bonuses;
  • Wide availability;
  • No fees and no specials are required.

On top of it, you can find all the necessary information about the chosen option online and get support in case something goes wrong. Bank transfer casinos provide their users with customer support that works 24\7 and is always ready to help with anything. Moreover, you will be served in a friendly and polite manner.

Positive & Negative features

So, as we mentioned before, casino prepaid bank transfer has a lot of positive sides. That’s why a lot of gamblers choose this payment option. Together with advantages go disadvantages. For some players, they may be significant but for others not a big deal. We will dig down a bit and see all the sides of the bank transfer to build the whole picture.


First, the bank transfer casino is extremely reliable. It is known that banks’ IPS system is one of the strongest in the world because it holds a large number of data and funds. So, there can’t be any doubts. Wire transfer 100% provides safety.

Second, this payment method is available everywhere in the world and is widely used in India. Almost all of the online casinos in the country accept and even offer bank transfers as a deposit or withdrawal option.

Lastly, casino bank transfer charges no fees. Fortunately, users don’t have to pay extra in order to make or receive any transaction. Moreover, it is simple to use, so there should be no misunderstanding or problems with the gaming and payment process for sure.


Many players don’t want to use their bank accounts for online gambling in order to protect or hide their personal and financial information. However, it is impossible with wire transfer. Each user is required to have at least one bank account and share his account details while signing up or depositing money, etc.

Also, a prepaid bank transfer card online casino isn’t the fastest way of payment. It will take a bit longer to complete the transaction compared to other payment options. Anyway, if it’s not an ASAP situation, then it shouldn’t bother you as much.

The other minor issue is fees. Bank transfer casinos don’t have charges themselves but the bank you deposit into or receiving withdrawal might charge something. The amount of fees varies and depends on the other bank’s specifics and the sizes of transactions.

Bonus system

Bonuses are one of the sweetest parts of online gambling. It is worth mentioning that casinos often give bonuses for playing real money despite the chosen payment option (i.e. cryptocurrency, digital wallet, bank transfer, or mobile payment). Mostly, wire transfer can provide players with perks such as free spins or free money. Don’t forget that each casino has wagering requirements. Players have to fulfill them in order to cash out what they won.

However, using a bank transfer casino is more profitable than it seems. Any player can get or find a variety of interesting promotions that match him perfectly. For example, some of the most common bonuses are holidays-offer or once a week\month reward that suits newbies. Also, there is a wide range of other bonuses for VIP players and high-rollers who are used to spending great sums in casinos. Another option to get bonuses is to take part in testing a new game or a new feature.

Prepaid bank transfer online casino security and IPS system

Without controversy, the banks’ security system is the best one. It has been called the gold standard of reliable online casino payments. In fact, all the banks are connected with national financial services and must be protective enough to prevent laundering. That’s why players shouldn’t be worried about deception – it will not happen.

Moreover, there is a rank of other reasons to ensure yourself in the safety of bank transfer electron casino:

  • Bank transfers have SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. This feature makes secure contact with your browser, keeping it away from online hackers;
  • Active prevention of viruses and malicious software is provided by numerous anti-virus and anti-malware programs;
  • Multi-factor authentication which included personal password, a PIN, and authentication code that identifies that the user is the real account holder;
  • Blocking of unauthorized access and traffic that is made from unsafe sources by using firewalls.

The same features apply to the mobile version of the casino. It is also protected by SSL encryption and has 2 or 3 steps of the verification process. So, you are able to make conclusions and make sure that the bank transfer casino payment method is the right choice for safe gambling.

Bank transfer specifics

Bank transfer method is available mostly in every casino. However, there are some exceptions. So, we offer you to have a look at the best casino that cooperates with casino prepaid bank transfer.

Also, it is important to review how to withdraw with the help of a prepaid bank transfer card online casino payment method. It is clear that it is different from others and works otherwise.

“Cashier” section

When you have already won a good some and are ready to cash it out from your account, at first, go to the cashier section at the chosen casino and push the “withdrawal” button.

Selection of the needed option

Once you have opened the “Cashier” tab, choose bank wire transfer as your withdrawal option and type in the number you would like to cash out. You will see a few tables to fill out with your information (just for the first time and further it will be saved to make usage more convenient).


After you have entered the needed data, check all your banking details to make sure you didn’t make a mistake and confirm that you agree with the banking fees (the amount of fees depends on the chosen bank but usually they are low).

Withdrawal process

Confirm your request and you’re done! After, you need to wait up to two workdays while the casino and the bank will be processing transactions.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of using wire transfers?

There are several of them. First, reliability. With the banks’ security system no potential hacker will not be able to get access to your financial and personal details. Second, availability. Casino prepaid bank transfer payment method doesn’t require any special account or credit checks. You can easily use your bank account without any information leak. To find out many more of the benefits, try wire transfer yourself!

Can I use a bank transfer at an online casino?

Sure, you can! Usually, it is a top option that online casinos offer gamblers.

Is bank transfer available in India?

To be more specific, it is one of the most prevalent ways of online casino payment in India. In addition, it is the same in a wide range of other countries in Europe and America.

Do I have to pay any fees for wire transfer method transactions?

Bank transfer method doesn’t have fees itself. However, they might come up because of the bank you use. So, it depends on the chosen bank’s specifics. To avoid high charges, always check the details before transfers.

Are there any drawbacks of the bank transfer payment method?

One of them is the possibility of facing fees and the other one is withdrawal time at a prepaid bank transfer online casino. It may be long but there is a reason - the winning must be confirmed by the casino and only then it will be received by the player.


If you are searching for the most reliable and convenient online payment method, then bank transfer is exactly what you need. It has the highest safety system that is secured by SSL encryption and 3-step authentication. So, you can be a hundred percent sure that there will be no financial leak. Moreover, the bank transfer electron casino payment method is widely available all over the world and is one of the most prevalent options among gamblers in India. In addition, it has a good bonus system. Each player has a lot of opportunities to receive a variety of free spins or other profitable perks. Bank transfer bonuses always come in generous amounts. As you see, there are enormous advantages, so go ahead and try it yourself! Prepaid bank transfer online casino won’t disappoint you.