Basic information about paytm casinos

Paytm casino payment method is one of the most prevalent in India. It is widely used in the country and is available at the majority of online casinos.

Paytm was established in 2010 and grew to significant sizes. Now it has numerous e-commerce products, counting e-wallets that gamblers use for playing at casinos. Moreover, in 2017 it was the most downloaded app for online payments in India. Throughout the years, paytm has made a lot of partnerships and improved. In consequence, it became a powerful and preferred platform for internet transactions. On top of that, paytm provides its users with a high-security system and reliability. In addition, it is convenient in usage and won’t be complicated to understand.

In this article, we’ll go through all the necessary info about paytm casinos and dig down into their roots such as security structure and IPS, its “pros” and “cons”, bonus system, etc.


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LeoVegas is one of the most popular online casinos on the market, offering many top-rated games and payment options.

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Prepaid paytm online casino review of Indian users

Paytm has a good reputation among other online casinos. Perhaps, it’s not surprising because the casino has been time-tested and proved its trustworthiness. Even top-casinos in India accept Paytm as an option. Any deposit or withdrawal with paytm casino is quick and safe and isn’t dangerous for players’ financial data.

The other important thing is the minimum deposit. Mostly, casinos require ₹900 in order to allow gamblers to play, but with paytm it’s only ₹500. However, this number varies, depending on casino specifics.

On top of everything, casino paytm is available even on freshly-created online gambling platforms, so any player can use a familiar and comfortable way of payment to avoid pesky obstacles.

Spreading popularity

It’s a known fact that the Indian market is full of a variety of choices and there might be a lot of competitors. So, you’re probably wondering what makes paytm so popular and demanded.

Let’s see some of the main reasons:

  • Reserve Bank of India has approved Paytm as a payment option;
  • It’s in free access;
  • Paytm has a 128-bit SSL encryption;
  • Immediate transactions speed;
  • Deposits are free of charge.

Perhaps, those points look common but only a few casinos in India have the ability to provide gamblers with them. Based on that rank, now you can see what makes paytm casino prevalent and preferred among Indian players.

Advantages & disadvantages

Every gambler wants to know all about the chosen option’s positive and negative sides. Although it might be complicated to find any disadvantages at casino paytm, we will revise facts that are obvious and you’ll be able to conclude yourself.


Talking about deposits within paytm, we can see a variety of “pros”. First, the minimum wager sum is usually ₹500 or so which is less than in most of the casinos. Also, paytm doesn’t charge players when they deposit into it. That’s a relief! You don’t even suspect but save a lot of money (some casinos’ fees are worth ₹400).

Second, instant transactions. Any gambler would be happy to not wait for ages to deposit money or withdrawal winning. In addition, casino prepaid paytm allows from 3 to 5 free withdrawals per month.

Third, paytm is very convenient. Any player can log in through a computer, or mobile phone. It’s possible to pay both ways as it’s better for the gambler. So, you’ll always have a casino right under your hand.


Paytm casinos require their users to submit any personal document that can verify their identity. In case it’s needed, the player has to show his passport, driving license, or utility bill. However, it’s not completely a negative side. It might be for those gamblers who don’t want to share any data but this particular process is totally acceptable at genuine casinos.

Moreover, casino prepaid paytm promises safety of given information and responsibility. So, there are no reasons to be unsure of the security of your financial savings.

Also, something that has to be faced is withdrawal time. Somehow, there are gamblers who claim that 24 hours is too long for withdrawal. To be honest, it takes a while but it’s an average time to receive winnings. First, withdrawal has to be approved by the casino, and only then it will be immediately transferred through the chosen payment method to the player’s account.

Bonuses of casino prepaid paytm

Paytm offers a wide range of different bonuses but we want to introduce the top three casinos with the best promotion offer:

  • BetWay; The rating of this casino is equally high. Its bonus can be worth up to ₹60000!BetWay promises sports bonuses up to ₹2500, prepaid paytm online casino availability, and three casino bonuses worth up to ₹60000.
  • Casumo; This casino has a rating of 5 stars and offers a great deal – a 200% bonus up to ₹2000! It provides gamblers with features such as a variety of casino games, quick cashout with NetBanking, and weekly campaigns.
  • LeoVegas; Perhaps, one of the most popular online casinos out there. It offers a huge casino games selection for both desktop and mobile versions. Also, LeoVegas has more than 50 software providers! Gamblers can win up to ₹11000 plus 20 wager free spins.

Paytm casino security and IPS ( Intrusion Prevention System) system

Now, it’s time to dig down into paytm casinos’ security system and make sure that it is 100%reliable.

So, let’s start with the fact that an e-wallet service can’t share any of your personal information without your permission. Also, your financial savings and info about them are safe and hidden from third parties.

Paytm electron casino has a 128-bit SSL encryption which means it is highly-secured from laundering money from gamblers’ accounts. It’s almost impossible to hack somebody’s page and filch money.

Anytime you need to change something on your personal information sheet or just access your data, you’ll be notified about account login. To be more precise, a transaction is approved only after you enter the OTP number (a special code that is sent to the gambler’s mobile number). In addition, any casino prepaid paytm transaction process will be made through a secure server.

Paytm specifics

Paytm has a few specifics that make it different from other Indian casinos. First, it has a mobile app that is available on iOS and Android. So, if you want to gamble from the phone just download the Paytm app and log in with your mobile number or email address, and password. After, you receive an OTP code on your phone that will help you to log in to your account safely. One more perk of paytm mobile app is that it lets the player check his current balance and track the transaction record. With this, you will always remember where your money went and how much you have won.

Another specific fact about prepaid paytm online casino is its customer support system. It’s available 24\7 and, what is more impressive, you can ask for service either in English or Hindi. So, if you have any kind of problems, you can call or write to customer support anytime and get all the needed answers.

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to pay within Paytm in India?

Yes, it is. Prepaid paytm card online casino is authorized by The Reserve Banks of India which means it’s safe to use paytm for transactions.

Which is the best paytm casino site for Indian players?

There are a variety of Indian casino sites and it’s growing significantly fast. However, the best options, for now, are Unibet and Betway.

Is it legal to play online casinos and pay with paytm?

It varies from time to time but yes. For now, paytm is a stable and proven casino payment option in India.

Do all the casinos in India accept Paytm?

Most of them accept paytm as an option. Although, there are some online gambling platforms that don’t cooperate with paytm electron casino.

Is it secure to use paytm?

Paytm has a high-security system and is protected with 128-bit SSL encryption. Any personal or financial information won’t be lost or given to third parties. It’s 100% safe to use.

What country owns Paytm?

Paytm (is an abbreviation of “pay through mobile”) was established in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India in 2010. Now it is owned by One97 Communications. The primary stakeholder is Alibaba Group which has 43% of it. By now the total price of the brand is $10 billion which is equal to ₹723,842,000.

Is Paytm app free to download?

Yes, it is. You can find the app whether in AppStore or Google Market and download it with free access. Moreover, there are no fees or charges while downloading or depositing money.

Which bank should I choose to connect with my paytm account?

To be honest, it doesn’t matter. You can choose any bank you like because all the estimable financial institutions in India cooperate with Paytm. You will get the whole package of benefits anyway.


Prepaid paytm card online casino is one of the most prevalent methods of payment in India. It’s time-tested and fully trustworthy. Paytm has a good reputation that is deserved. It provides gamblers with a high-secured system and safety, a comfortable interface, and convenient usage. Moreover, it takes responsibility for players’ data and 24\7 ready to help with any question. In addition, you can find some profitable bonuses that will help you to boost your bankroll. There are no reasons for hesitation in choosing paytm casino!